This institution provides professional approach in selecting manpower in order to ensure development of human resources at its best. It is a full-fledged training institute. It will provide various training to develop the skills and language proficiency. The institute will also cater training according to specific requirement of employer upon special request. All trade training activities will divide into practical and theory classes. Trainee’s daily and weekly performances are recorded and maintained in a comprehensive database and their performances are informed to the individual time to time. Trainees will undergo a series of lectures to ensure that it provides a solid theoretical foundation in the skills that they are being trained in. Once the basics will be covered then it’s on to the intensive practical sessions whereby they will be guided and supervised by their instructors and supervisors. Most of the instructors and supervisors have had several years of working experience in their own field. To further enhance the training, simulated assessments for both the theoretical aspects and practical exercises will be conducted for our trainees to ensure maximum readiness for any tests.  Technical training institute in Kolkata